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  • Situated on the corner of Eclipse Boulevard, West Vinewood, Tequi-la-la started off life as a restaurant owned by the mob but was closed down after the “Adam’s apple in the soup” incident of 1982. In 1983 the bar was reopened and soon became the Mecca of bands and the fans of ‘hair metal’, becoming known around the entire country.


    The bar is comprised of three main areas:

    • Main Floor : Features the bar itself at one end with a stage at the other with a small dance floor in between the two.
    • Second Floor : Features a technical DJ area as well as a small VIP lounge with ample view of the stage below.
    • Basement : The small basement area consists of a staff-only lounge.


    Tequi-la-la is now under the ownership of one Mr Gavin Scott who brought the ailing business in the second week of November 2019. The bar once again is becoming the Mecca of hang-out spots for those that just want a good time and a stiff drink.

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    CEO Gavin Scott

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