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  • The Fallen Angels Motorcycle Club is a reignited off-shoot of The Angels of Death MC that ran out of Liberty City.


    The original club was founded by Lester Arnold in San Andreas in 1949 as a small riding club, later becoming a gang for people dissatisfied with a non-segregated society. In the following years after its founding, the Angels of Death spread across the globe with clubhouses in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, San Fierro, and Australia as well as one in nearly every American state. However, by 2013, their rivals posed a much bigger threat, expanding on both the East and West Coasts and throughout the Midwest, including chapters in Los Santos and Blaine County.

    In Liberty City, the Angels of Death operated out of Algonquin, where they had a clubhouse located in North Holland. They worked closely with the Triads who they received Heroin from, and dealt Cocaine to the Spanish Lords. The Angels of Death also acted as extra muscle for the Triads.


    In Liberty City a war broke out between the The Lost and the Angels of Death in 2008. No one really seems to know why this war broke out but the war was a violent one fought for no reason in particular.

    The first Lost casualty of the war was a rider known as Night Hob, who was killed by the Angels of Death in 1982. Things got progressively worse when Billy Grey, the president of The Lost, was involved in a motorcycle accident that put the nephew of an Angels of Death member, Joseph Johnson, in a coma. In early 2008, Billy was arrested for possession of heroin and entered a court-ordered rehab, and Vice President Johnny Klebitz became acting president in his absence.

    The new president attempted to defuse the tension between the two gangs by offering Billy’s motorcycle to the Angels of Death as a peace offering, which they accepted, and offered the Lost financial compensation for the bike. The two gangs then entered a relatively peaceful truce.


    The truce, however, was not to last as Billy Grey was released from rehab in late-2008. Almost immediately after his release he attempted to reclaim his bike from the Angels of Death. Even though he was advised against it, Billy and some of The Lost headed out to an Angels of Death scrapyard in Northwood where they reclaim the bike after a drawn out shootout which resulted in the deaths of around twelve Angels of Death members.

    This sparks up the war once again which was solidified when the Angels of Death sent a retinue led by one of their lieutenants to The Lost’s clubhouse to ask whether or not the truce was over. Billy confirms the end of the truce by shooting the lieutenant in the back. Those who fled the clubhouse were gunned down by Billy and those loyal to him before they reached their territory.


    Back and forth skirmishes continued over the next several years. Members of the Angels of Death killing members of The Lost and visa versa. The Lost always seemed to have the upper hand, be it through treturary, through lies or through blackmail. There was a brief respite as a botched drug deal in Chinatown which led to Billy Grey being arrested and Johnny taking over as president of The Lost again, but that did not last long as Johnny was able to forge an alliance with the Uptown Riders who supplied him with pipe bombs which were used to plan attacks on the Angels of Death once more.


    In 2009 the war with the Angels of Death was once again reignited by The Lost MC’s Broker chapter, who attempted to prove their point by riding around in Angels of Death territory. A private detective by the name of Lester Leroc was hired to find out if there was a person in the Angels of Death who ratted out a Triad family. This led to further fighting as the detective hired a member of the Triad to pose as him to pull off some assassinations so that he could get patched in with the Angels of Death. While doing so, the Triad member had to kill several Lost MC members as a condition of his prospecting. This did not go quite as planned and the war was sparked up once more.


    By 2013 the war came to an abrupt end as The Lost MC came down in force upon the Angels of Death resulting in their clubhouse being burned to the ground after heavy fighting.

    From that battle there was only one known survivor by shear force of luck. This lone survivor spent several years in Liberty City in hiding, building her life back up. Recently she moved to Los Santos to start a fresh life, however that did not last long as an unknown person had a cargo container shipped from Liberty City which contained her old bike and gear from the ‘old days’. After a while of trying to fight off the inevitable, the lone survivor decided to bring a new chapter to the Angels of Death and created the spark that would evolve into the Fallen Angels.

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    Not much is known about the Fallen Angel's leader other than her love of fast bikes and the Wolfsbane chopper she has been seen to ride.

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