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  • "Brothers for life, Lost forever."

  • The Lost Motorcycle Club is an outlaw group operating primarily out of Acter, state of Alderney in Liberty City in 2008. By 2013 they had spread nationally including Los Santos and Blaine County here in San Andreas.


    Historically, The Lost was founded back in 1964 by either U.S. Marines who met in Hanoi, North Vietnam. After the war ended, they are continued thirst for drugs and violence and because of this they started the original club naming it “The Lost” in honour of all their friends who had been killed in the war.


    Since founding the Los Santos/Blaine County Chapter The Lost have managed to establish territory in the rural lands of Blaine County where they have a hideout in Stab City, known as The Range. It is known that their primary businesses in Blaine Country are the illegal distribution of firearms and drugs which has put them on constant edge with the local law enforcement.


    The Club also holds an actively strong presence in the city of Los Santos itself where they maintain a clubhouse in East Vinewood.

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