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    GoPostal Office
    Alta Street, Downtown Vinewood

  • Employer: GoPostal Courier Postal Service


    "A global courier services company that will deliver anything, any time, except for customer services."


    For those wishing to work at their own pace one might head down to the Job Center in Los Santos and apply to do some contract work for the local postal service.

  • Prospective contract workers may visit the GoPostal offices on Alta Street in West Vinewood and pick up an official GoPostal uniform at the door. Once suitable dressed the now postal-worker may retrieve a company Boxville truck from the garage nearby.


    To start work, pick up some mail and parcels from the office entrance a little further down the road. Once fully loaded the driver may contact the postal services dispatch officer by using their onboard radio (press F6) and the radio operative will tell the driver where to go.


    Drive to the given location on your GPS and deliver the mail and/or parcels. Upon successfully delivery the courier will be awarded with an invoice which they can cash in once finished with their work back at the GoPostal offices.

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