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    Locker Room

    Greenwich Parkway, Los Santos International Airport

  • map-meatfactory.png

    Meat Factory

    Great Ocean Highway, Pyrite Avenue, Paleto Bay

  • map-sell.png

    Sales Point
    Palomino Avenue, Vespucci Boulevard, Little Seoul


    Employer: Cluckin’ Bell


    Cluckin’ Bell offers to hire citizens to prepare and transport chicken from their meat factory up in Paleto Bay to the Lucky Plucker fast food restaurant in Los Santos.


    After receiving the job from the Job Center in Los Santos new employees should head over to the locker room on Greenwich Parkway near the Los Santos International Airport. Once there pick up a uniform at the door and get changed into it. 


    New employees can pick up a work truck from the garage nearby and then drive up north to Paleto Bay to the Cluckin’ Bell chicken factory. Once there employees should proceed into the building and locate the storage shed where they will be able to retrieve a cage of live chickens. Live chickens should be transported further into the building where a convenient line of automated machines will slaughter, pluck and gut each individual chicken before being taken to the packaging area to prepare for transport.


    Once the truck is loaded up with packaged chicken it should be transported back south to the city and sold to the Lucky Plucker fast food restaurant.


    At this point, employees are given the choice to either do another run back up to Paleto Bay to collect another shipment of chicken, or head back to the locker room to return the work vehicle and uniform.

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