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    Locker Room

    Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay

  • Employer: Los Santos Department of Water and Power

    Citizens may choose to work for one of the departments of the city’s governing body. The Los Santos Department of Water and Power, LSDWP, offers mechanically minded individuals the opportunity to work as a repair person fixing various electrical problems around the state.

  • If wishing to take a contract with the LSDWP, a citizen may apply for the job at the city’s Job Center and then head up to Paleto Bay where they may pick up their work uniform and vehicle. The office can be found on Paleto Boulevard close between the garage and clothing store.

    Once you are suited up and have your work vehicle you may collect the current work roster by contacting the department (press F10). They will feed you one job at a time and mark it on your GPS.

    Employees should travel to each marked location and assess the situation before making repairs where indicated. Once each repair is done the company will give you a City Check which can be collected at the end of the job.

    The department will give each employee up to ten jobs in one sitting and once all the assigned jobs have been done the employee may go back to the office and cash in their checks.

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