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    Locker Room
    Popular Street, La Mesa

  • map-boat.png

    Boat Hire and Fishing Area

    San Chianski Mountain Range, Catfish View

  • map-sell.png

    Sales Location
    Goma Street, La Puerta

  • Employer: La Spada

    Situated on Goma Street and Aguja Street in La Puerta, Los Santos, La Spada offers to hire citizens to supply them with fresh fish to help keep their popular seafood restaurant in business.

  • Once hired an employee may pick up their work clothes and transport vehicle from the office’s locker room over on Popular Street in La Mesa. The vehicle should be driven to a dock on the eastern coast. This can be found in the San Chianski Mountain Range in a little place called Catfish View.

    At the docks one can pick up a fishing trawler and head out into the Pacific Ocean. The designated fishing area can be found a few miles north-east of the docks. Once anchored in the area you can start to fish. When you decide you have enough fish, or have filled the trawler’s haul, head back to the docks and transfer the fish to the transport vehicle and head back into the city.

    Once in the city, the fish can be sold directly to La Spada, which is found near the docks on Goma Street, La Puerta.

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