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    Food Truck Pick-up
    Innocence Boulevard, Davis

  • Employer: Self Employed


    The Job Center has started up an initiative to allow the chance for business-minded citizens to start up their own food truck company. If you find yourself interested in this start-up business, then head on over to the Job Center and pick up a job permit.

  • Citizens wishing to get started in this field of work can pick up a rental food truck from the offices over on Innocence Boulevard in Davis. Once equipped with a uniform and a truck it is completely up to the entrepreneuring individual can find a nice location to set up and start selling.


    Once you have picked out a nice spot you will be able to use the provided furniture stored in the back of the food truck to set up a nice place for citizens to come and sit. We have provided you with tables, chairs and a nice functioning grill where you may cook food to sell on the streets.


    Currently we are only licensed to allow the work permit to cover the cooking, sales and consumption of Burgers and Tacos and are unable to provide the raw ingredients ourselves. These can be brought from any good local food store.


    When you are done working for the day, make sure to pack up the items provided and head back to the office to drop off your food truck.

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