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    Locker Room
    Orchardville Avenue, Cypress Flats

  • map-quarry.png
    Senora Way, Davis Quartz

  • map-wash.png
    Rock Washing Factory
    Joshua Road, Grand Senora Desert, Harmony

  • map-smelter.png
    El Rancho Boulevard, El Burro Heights

  • Employer: Davis Quartz


    Davis Quartz is the prime supplier of everything metal in the state of San Andreas. The quarry boasts of plentable copper, iron and gold veins and supplies the building industry of Los Santos.

  • Those wishing to seek gainful employment in the building industry should apply for a job at the Job Center in Los Santos. The job of a Miner is long and hard work but those who work hard may reap the rewards.


    After being accepted head over to Cypress Flats where the office’s locker room and garages may be found. Once in the correct attire you must hire out one of the work trucks from the nearby yard.


    The rocks come from a quarry up on Senora Way just past the Boilingbroke Penitentiary. Once on site head further inwards to the back of the quarry and load your truck up with cargo. Once full, take the rocks to the rock washing facility located west in the Grand Senora Desert on Joshua Road. Here you will be able to process the rocks into a more suitable state for the extraction of precious metals.


    Once the rocks are processed head back down into the city to the local foundry on El Rancho Boulevard, El Burro Heights. Here the rocks can be transported into the foundry and smelted down to reveal the precious metals inside.


    Whilst waiting for the metal to cool and be processed into ingots, you may wish to have a look around the historic building. Several years ago this building hosted a dramatic saga of crimes and gang-related activities. It is also rumoured that this is where the infamous criminal Alfredo Porgini met a grisly end after falling from a catwalk into the molten vats below.


    Once the metals have been cooled and processed into ingots the cargo can be taken to several different buyers throughout the city. Cooper is sold down at the docks at a warehouse on Plaice Place on the Elysian Island. Iron is taken directly to the building industry and can be delivered to the building site on Alta Street, Pillbox Hill, and gold is taken directly to the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank in Downtown Vinewood.


    It has been rumoured that the occasional diamond can be found from the processed rocks of the quarry. If an employee is lucky enough to find a diamond then they can sell it at the Vangelico store over on Rockford Hills.

  • map-copper.png
    Copper Sales
    Plaice Place,
    Elysian Island


    Iron Sales
    Alta Street,
    Pillbox Hill


    Gold Sales
    Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank
    Alta Street - Vinewood Boulevard, Downtown Vinewood

  • map-diamond.png
    Diamond Sales
    Vangelico Fine Jewellery
    Rockford Drive, Rockford Hills

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