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    Arcadius Business Center
    Atla Street, Pillbox Hill

  • Employer: San Andreas Times


    The San Andreas Times is a small reporting company operating out of the Arcadius Business Center. They are currently employing citizens to help them locate news stories around Los Santos and the surrounding areas.

  • Those wishing to work for the San Andreas Times on contract may pick up a work permit from the Jobcentre in the city. Upon being approved head on over to the Arcadius Business Center on Pillbox hill and enter through the main doors of the building.


    The elevator will take you up to the upper floors where a second elevator directly opposite will take you down to the garage and you will be provided with a news van.


    Because the San Andreas Times are a failing company, in that they can not afford to employ full-time staff, you will be provided with a Weazel News van which you can use to drive yourself around the city looking for incidents to report upon.


    We here at Weazel News would recommend that instead of working for this sham of a company you instead head on over to weazelnews.me and apply to join a REAL news company.

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