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    Locker Room
    Chum Street, Cypress Flats

  • map-drill.png
    Oil Field
    Route 68, Grand Senora Desert, Harmony

  • map-refine.png
    Oil Refinary
    Senora Way, Palmer-Taylor Power Station

  • map-mix.png
    Oil Mixing Facility
    Voodoo Place, Elysian Island

  • Employer: RON


    "A multinational oil company, and the people to thank for the scorching hot summers we have everywhere now."


    RON Fuel is a multinational petroleum company that provides fuel all across San Andreas as well as exporting fuel out to Liberty City. Due to the high demand of fuel in Los Santos and the surrounding state, RON Fuel takes on contracted employees to drill, refine and deliver fuel to the city on a day-to-day basis.

  • Once picking up a contract for RON Fuel the new employee must head down to the office on Chum Street in Cypress Flats and pick themselves up a standardised work uniform. Once suitable attired the contractor can then rent out an oil tanker from the nearby parking lot.


    The first stage of the journey is to head to the active oil field in Harmony on Route 68 in the Grand Senora Desert. Here the tanker can be filled up with precious black-gold which then needs to the taken to the oil refinery situated at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station on Senora Way.


    From here we travel back south into the city where the oil can be mixed at our mixing facilities on Voodoo Place, Elysian Island. Here the refined oil is turned into usable fuel and reloaded back into the tanker.


    Once finished the fuel can then be delivered to the awaiting tanks back near the offices on Chum Street.

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