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    Fabric Warehouse and Locker Room
    Vespucci Boulevard - Popular Street, La Mesa

  • map-cotton.png
    Cotton Plantation
    Union Road - Grapeseed Main Street, Grapeseed

  • map-delivery.png
    Binco Clothing Store
    Sinner Street - Sinners Passage, Textile City

  • Employer: Darnell Bros.


    The fabric factory owned by the Darnell Bros. was built during the 1960’s and was once owned by a man called Lester Crest. Although the factory is still in operation it is not certain what happened to its original owner now who owns the business now.

  • To pick up a contract working for the Darnell Bros. fabric factory, head over to the Job Center and pick up an application form. Those accepted may then make their way over to the textile factory over on the junction of Vespucci Boulevard and Popular Street in La Mesa.


    Whilst at the factory be sure to pick yourself up a work uniform and get changed in the provided locker room. A vehicle may be rented from the front of the factory.


    The job will take the employee up north to Grapeseed where they may pick up a trunk load of cotton from the plantation on the corner of Union Road and Main Street.


    From here it is an easy trek back into the city and back to the factory where the cotton can then be processed into fabric and the fabric, in turn, can be processed into clothing.


    The last step of the journey is a hop, skip and a jump over the canal and to the Binco clothing store over on Sinner Street where the clothing can be delivered and wages picked up.

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