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    Taxi Garage and Offices
    Tangerine Street, East Vinewood

  • Employer: Downtown Cab Co.


    "In transit since 1922"


    The company operates its depot on the corner of Tangerine Street and Mirror Park Boulevard in East Vinewood. They offer gainful employment for any citizen wishing to earn a little money on the side.

  • For those that enjoy driving and meeting new people, the Downtown Cab Co. taxi work may just be the right job for you! Anyone can pick up a permit from the Jobcentre and head on over to the garage over on Tangerine Street in East Vinewood.


    Citizens may request a taxi from their services menu of their phones or simply putting a message up via tweet to see if there are any taxi drivers on duty.


    At this time taxi drivers are able to set their own fees for their services.

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