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  • Terms that we use:

    • "FailRP" - Failure To Roleplay.
      We are a real-life server. If you wouldn't do it in real life then you shouldn't do it here and doing so will result in removal from our server.

    • "New Life"
      If your character has been forced to respawn due to the bleed-out timer you have been taken to Los Santos Central Hospital by local emergency services in a near-death state. You have been considered to have spent some time in the intensive care unit there and have recovered from severe wounds. In this situation your character will have no recollection of the incident leading up to them waking up in hospital.
      If your character is recovered by a member of the San Andreas Emergency Department then you must roleplay their injuries realistically. In this situation, memories of the incident will be foggy but may return in time.

    • "Cop Baiting"
      This is the act of purposely doing something illegal in front of police officers so that they chase you and then repeatedly doing it over and over. You should play your character realistically and should not purposely try to force interaction with police. Police interaction will happen naturally whether you are a criminal or a witness to a crime.
  • General Rules


    • All players need to have a working microphone.
    • Drive as realistically as possible (although do remember that th is is a GTA world).
    • Derogatory remarks about: race, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, etc. will not be tolerated.
    • Do not power-game (using game mechanics or roleplay mechanics that do not exist).
    • Do not meta-game (use of real-life knowledge to determine a character’s actions)
    • Do not deathmatch (all lethal action needs to be roleplayed)
    • No exploiting. This will result in a permanent ban from the server.
    • Do not combat log (logging out whilst in an active situation to avoid the consequences).
  • In-Game Rules:



    • Do not break character whilst in-game.
    • Make sure to read the player rules listed on the forums.


    For more information, please read the Rules and Guidelines post on the forums [here].

  • What Laws are we based on

    The civilian laws we use in city are not based on any one state. Just use some common sense when doing things in-character if you do not wish to be arrested. Those playing police characters know what the laws of the land are and will be happy to talk to you about them in-character.
    Keep in mind, this is a game and we are all here to have fun.
    The punishment for crimes are also not based on any real world laws and jail times are not set in stone. Fines for crimes committed are based on the current economy on the server.
    The severity of the punishment mainly comes down to the roleplayed interaction between you and the police. If you are arguing every little detail, putting up a fight or not cooperating with the police then they will come down more heavily upon you in regards to the scentancing. However, if you cooperate with the police or make the interaction fun for them, then they may be more lenient towards you.

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